Creative Arts Coalition to Transform Urban Society (C.A.C.t.T.U.S.) is a platform for artists to work within the city of Long Beach using 326 Elm Avenue as a space to exhibit, learn, and mature one’s understanding of art.  In 2017 C.A.C.t.T.U.S. will initiate a curatorial program using its gallery space to collaborate with its contributing members consisting of international, national, regional, and local members. C.A.C.t.T.U.S. is prepared to offer the East Village a point of cultural enrichment that will take the form of lectures, discussions, installations, and workshops throughout the year, supporting individuals interested in art. Equipped with a modest educational curriculum consisting of introductory and advanced classes in painting, drawing, and peer critique, C.A.C.t.T.U.S. will aspire to elevate the collective consciousness of its community. 

Sincerely Jorge Mujica